School Management System

An Effective Monitoring System For All The School Activities

School management system a software platform  to create tangible social impact using cutting edge technology that enables schools to manage operations, learning and administrations tasks digitally along with mobile app access to employees, parents and teachers.


Solution2Design offers all the controls right under your fingertips

Get yourself geared up with the latest tech for better management!

Our school management system is a top-notch tech solution for your institution offers multi-dimensional flexibility to the administration and parents. Solution2Design provides you with an intuitive platform with dedicated categories for learning, operations, and overall administration. The app is developed with good UI/UX research and it can be easily accessed by teachers, parents, and all the employees.


Solution2Design offers all the controls right under your fingertips

Get yourself geared up with the latest tech for better management!

Real time updates

Leading an organization requires significant efforts and it’s impossible for the top management to be present all the time. The OneSys platform, both web and mobile compatible, enables you to get real time updates on each development. The app provides automated push notifications to each category user.

Look at a glance

Having the data doesn’t always mean that it will be auto-analyzed. The OurSchoolPro app developed by our team of experts will auto-compile all the data to provide a detailed insight. The information can further be used to bring required changes that will also be your first few steps towards cost efficiency along with better control over the institution.

A path to scale up

Our comprehensive platform dedicated for efficient monitoring will help the management with efficacious tracking. OneSys app is the best tool you can invest in to get the most transparent operations in terms of learning and management. All these factors summed up will prove to build a trustworthy bond between the institution and the parents.

Key Features of School Management System

Day-to-day Operations

We have focused on making the school management system job simple and intuitive. Our OneSys app is loaded with certain features that are advantageous in terms of efficient operations.

School Communications

There are numerous communication channels that are being conventionally used by the academic institutions. Our team has put multiple hours to research in studying all the internal communication and presented them to the users in the form of app features. The school management system will allow users to keep track of all the conversations, making it easier for the admin team to keep a log.

Learning In Schools

Schools and all the other academic institutions are known for their quality education. It’s essential for the administration to establish an effective tracking module for their curriculum. The OneSys app comes equipped with a number of features that create a perfect tracking pipeline for the school management system.

OurSchoolPro app developed by Solution2Design is focused on offering personalized experience to each client. Our app can be heavily customized and configured based on the requirements of the institution. The changes in app contents and core configuration can be done without any restrictions.

The simple answer is yes. Our team remains in touch with the clients to better understand the requirements. Also, any update in the feature set will be provided free of cost based on the subscription plan.

The app comes with different subscription plans based on the requirement of the institution. The pricing will also fluctuate based on the number of the users.

OurSchoolPro offers customized pricing plans as per the features as well as the number of users at the school.

Please refer the Pricing page to see the best suited plan for you.

OneSSys functional and technical teams are all time ready to provide you the support and maintenance you required And, we don’t charge extra for the support as we believe that its our duty and obligation towards our customers.

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