Run your school better than corporate

A software platform  to create tangible social impact using cutting edge technology that enables schools to manage operations, learning and administrations tasks digitally along with mobile app access to employees, parents and teachers.

Harness the power of technology to manage your school from your finger tip
Now, you can view every minute detail of your schools anywhere anytime

Know everything happening at School

OneSSys web app and mobile app dashboards provide real-time details of activities that are happening at school. With OneSSys, school admins, teachers, parents, and students access automated and real-time details/notifications.

Turn your school’s data in to Insights

OneSSys web app and mobile app dashboards enable our clients to see new insights that were unseen before. Using these insights, operations or processes can be accessed and appropriate changes can be implemented for driving cost efficiencies, faster response and gaining greater control of your school operations and administration

Adopt the technological change to scale up

Technology enables schools to manage and track work efficiently. This also helps them deliver an engaging, transparent, well informed and enhanced learning environment. So, adopting the best innovative and technologically superior school management and information platform would enable you to further gain reputation and trust of the parents and society.


School Operations

OneSSys comes with a set of features that enable schools to manage the daily operational tasks without much overheads.

Run your school operations in the most efficient way.

School Communications

There are many types of communications i.e. exchange of information required in a school. 

At OneSSys, we study these communications and convert them into features so that these communications can be initiated, managed, and tracked without losing any information.

Learning In Schools

While designing OneSSys, the most important area that we considered is the ability  monitor and control of the learning  process at school. 

OneSSys comes with a range of features which aims to streamline the learning processes by improving monitoring and tracking in an unprecedented way.

24X7 Free Support

Frequently asked questions

Every feature in OneSSys is designed in such a configurable way that every school can use that feature as per its requirement. Further, if something is changed in school, they can change the configurations and keep using the same feature. 

That’s why OneSSys is one of best school management and information systems with unparalleled technological and functional superiority.

Yes!! we keep talking to our clients to know if they need any enhancement, and if they suggest anything which creates an additional value to the product, we build that functionality.

Also, once you subscribe to OneSSys with a plan of your choice, all enhancements and updates in the features to which you have subscribed will be available to you without any additional cost. 

Yes, we are continuously building new capabilities as per our product planning schedule. However, if our clients suggest a value added capability then we are happy to have that in our planning schedule.

OneSSys offers customized pricing plans as per the features as well as the number of users at the school.

Please refer the Pricing page to see the best suited plan for you.

OneSSys functional and technical teams are all time ready to provide you the support and maintenance you required And, we don’t charge extra for the support as we believe that its our duty and obligation towards our customers.