What we do

We create marketing collateral design best for your business needs.

UX Design & Research

User Experience is an integral part of the app development and our team goes through heavy research to better understand the user behavior. Not only the quantitative methods, we also focus on the quality measures along with a number of other parameters. The UX of any app will determine the user engagement and our research ensures all the aspects to build an appealing appearance. Solution2Design will keep your business fresh with all the latest trends. The insights garnered through the research paired with our team’s expertise helps us in delivering promising results in terms of appearance. The designing process by our team goes on in full collaboration with the client, it helps us with better implementation of the client’s requirements.


UI Design

UI stands for user interface, the very crucial aspect of any app when it comes to any form of interaction between the user and the app. UI adds the visual elements of the app, it can be in any form be it widgets, buttons, etc. It is the most important factor in determining the user engagement and the ROI is based highly on it. Our team will work on the color scheme, fonts, branding, and every other aspect in full sync with your demands. The same palette will be followed on both the app and website of your business. It will help in establishing a consistency throughout the business model. The interface developed by our team will not only be fully compatible with the UX, but it will also be much more intuitive with smooth animations.



Any business planning to extract the best potential of their business, marketing must not be confused with branding. It has a very wide scope through multiple levels and is definitely not confined to logo and tagline. In a nutshell, branding is a tool to set unique measures that are able to connect with the user base in a blink. Solution2Design offers a brilliant branding strategy to portray your product to the user, putting customer experience on top priority. It should be crisp enough to deliver the message and impact you are planning with your product. These visual cues will also play a significant role in after sales support. Our team will coordinate across multiple aspects such as campaigning, messaging, website maintenance, and more.